I am going to sprinkle these with cardamom sugar and bake in a low oven.. see the results on my next cake..

Been Shopping

Here is the book to accompany the Sweets Made Simple series by Hope & Greenwood. I can’t wait to eat more sweets that I already do!
I also obviously bought Jamie Oliver’s new book, because who does’t love Jamie..?

BBB Perfection


I have finally done it, perfected my recipe for the #dairyfree #glutenfree boost bars, excellent for post work out.
The recipe started out as a FAB granola type boost bar but when my boyfriends mum required a  #dairyfree #glutenfree and almost #sugarfree version that would hold together (unlike like a normal flapjack) WELL I had to get my experimenting cap on. I think we have finally cracked it, the secret being a high fruit content.

I’m thinking of selling them at a local market as they are pretty darn great