Happy Birthday to Hannah!

A Happy Birthday cake for my birthday twin Hannah. An individual orange, peach and apricot cake, layered with apricot jam and butter cream then topped with blueberries and hazelnuts! Explosion of deliciousness.

Lemon & Blueberry

Lemon & Blueberry loaf cake topped with toasted almonds, fresh blueberries and homemade lemon curd


Did you know.. Most of my loaf cakes contain a mix of flour and ground almonds which makes the cake moist and luscious, YUM




Orange & grapefruit birthday cake, with lemon curd in between the layers with fruit and nuts to decorate :)



On a roll this weekend as I made blueberry and orange loaf cake last night, tasted so good, so moist so light! Loaf cakes a definitely a winner for me.